Bi Monthly Update: May+June 2023

5 min readJul 8, 2023


Hey all! That time of the year again for an update — lots to talk about — so lets get into it!

General Overview: Wasn’t a lightning period by any means — but it was one where we have built the ecosystem strategically, for a sustainable ecosystem with Script Network / BearX Labs. We made some cool additions, partnerships, an acquisition and a bunch more. Have to mention that as much as this is a work-in-progress project where we try to innovate and do things differently, we are also building with genuine focus on the next 5–10 years, not just today.

Team additions: We welcomed Wale into the social team, who now handles our Twitter, alongside Pedi, who handles all goings on across our telegram communities too. Important to note that our focus is to grow beyond discord, so we are super excited to be more engaged with our community across the multiple platforms.

Sandbox and Game Experiences: We are still waiting…but quietly, we are working towards a solution to bring a community a game experience sooner. There is only so much we can diplomatically and professionally say on this, but it has been somewhat frustrating in its process. However, i suppose everyone is in the same situation in this regard.
We have already made a partnership and full integration with a game in stealth over the last few months (will be announced in full soon, only delay is because of some display issues), but beyond this, we want to bring another potential opportunity for the community. In short this gives us 3 potential game experiences (Sandbox + the other 2 mentioned). We hope that a minimum of 1 of these, can be announced soon.

Marketing: As promised, we began doing direct advertising to our main website. We accumulated hundreds of thousands of impressions and hundreds of clicks on our test run last month, we will now be continuing this up monthly where possible. This is of course not straight forward as we are tracking ROI and ad spend here, on a depleted treasury — but — as always — we will do what we can. Below is some screens of the data. However, it does go without saying that being part of the Script Network ecosystem brings natural promotion to BearX Labs anyway — as seen for much of this year.

Partnerships: Pleased that this month we acquired Gulf DAO — a genuine large crypto community in the Middle East. This is a strategic step as we aim to grow beyond where we are. Gulf DAO is actively growing as a community and connecting with tonnes of fast growing projects across multiple chains.

BearX Club acquired Gulf DAO in June 2023.

NOB Snapshots: First NOB Snapshot was done in June — congrats to the 3 winners! The next Snapshot will take place in August. Clarification as to how it works, why it matters, and how to qualify for it is here: For more on Notes of a Bear and the snapshots surrounding it, click here. For winners, we will start to include information as to the process of the originals, and how you can earn post Script Networks mainnet launch.

BearX Adoption Centre: Now the MEV bots have calmed, we will attempt to roll out the Adoption Centre. As with most things with BearX Labs — we are often the first to do it — so this is taking a little bit of time to figure out and ensure we execute it a) effectively and b) without there being an issue where the gas close to or exceeds the value cost of claiming ROOTx and claiming a bear with that respective ROOTx (2 transactions effectively).

Token Burns: Without promise as to when, we can confirm that we will performing a token burn on ROOTx over this current period we’re in now. Confirmation of this will be announced through our discord and twitter.

Script Network (Airdrops, Benefits): Last but not least….as BearX Labs is part of the Script Network ecosystem — a number of benefits are available to BearX holders. What benefits depends on what bears you have, how many you have, if you take part in Zealy tasks (which you should if you dont) and if you want to run a node or not. If you are unsure on all of this, feel free to open a support ticket, or, check previous announcements. That said, it will indeed be announced once the airdrop values are confirmed in the coming weeks. Ironically, holders of Bears (regardless of if they bought at the top or not), will likely have opportunity to earn well through the reward system / airdrop opportunity that has been built within Script Network. That, beyond anything else, is reason to hodl your bags and top up on bears if you haven’t already.

The smart ones are! But DYOR….


About BearX Labs

BearX Labs is a community-first NFT brand, focused on delivering innovation within the NFT space, alongside resources and experience from web2 into a web3, sustainable, scalable ecosystem. Products within the ecosystem include a limited 3700 Genesis Bear collection, a two-token economy, and a partnership that gives every holder the ability to own and run a node.








In a post apocalyptic world, BearX have survived, regrouped, and readied themselves for domination in the metaverse. !chomp