Roadmap Update / Bi Monthly (July+Aug 2023)

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Hi all, in this monthly update, after a short intro, we will use it to focus on the updated roadmap which has been poised to be released!

Introduction / Review:
The last few months were tough. Blur flirted with new features, whales got annoyed, and sent NFT floors crashing a further 20–30%. This really will only bottom out once Blur (finally) releases their final airdrop, or once significant liquidity floods back into the market (perhaps from an external factor or significant event). In the meantime, we have spent the last few months strategising on the best approach forward, as further explained below.

Why the updated roadmap?
We essentially think market conditions causes companies to pivot (at least slightly) on the plans in the short, mid and long term. This in hindsight would have been great to do earlier in the year (which can be said for everything and everything related to NFTs in the last 12 months), but ultimately, the market, and us, assumed things will improve somewhat — which did not happen. So now, we have positioned the brand and the project to build, last and more importantly bring value to what matters, rather than what ‘sounds good’.

A good example is the game (or in our case the Sandbox experience), whilst this is still happening of course, the fact of the matter is game releases has proven to do nothing to floor prices or interest, and if anything, because it was most projects roadmaps ‘peak’ or ‘everest’, it caused sell offs. We want to simply focus on what we always said we would — sustainable innovation. So lets get into it.

Updated Roadmap — The Phases

First and formost we have set up the updated roadmap in the form of ‘phases’. This is because there is different stages of focus for the team, but ultimately, it will be defined as a period of time. Ultimately, it makes it easy for people to refer to, and for the team to clarify to users who are active / inactive in the community. To avoid this blog being extremely long, we will be brief on each phase, then go into the bones of it during each phase with multiple announcement and updates. Lastly, they are called ‘phases’ as phase 0 compliments phase 1, and so on. So here we are:

Phase 0: Community, Connection, Challenges (What we are in now)

The phase 0 is the period where the core focus is community, connection, challenges. This simply is the phase where we bind the multiple communities, projects and companies that we have partnerships with, to compete in challenges, inter server competitions and community refresh. We understand that the community is generally stale, and needs fresh newcomers and connection across servers. To incentivise users who are involved in this phase, there is everything from gated roles, NFT hampers and cash prizes.
The first challenge is the art challenge, announced initially, here. This is the first of multiple challenges, but the first that will feature a bunch of huge prizes, including $1,000 in cash for the winner.
Goal: The end of this phase should have an increase in engagement across all servers in general (not necessarily just ours), but have users back to enjoying events across the community again, with winners who can perhaps use that offset some of the difficult periods winner have had over the last 18 months in NFTs.

Important to note that all existing / outstanding points to the roadmap (besides gaming), will be completed during this phase, this includes:

  • The ability to run a node on Script Network through ROOTx burns
  • The ability to burn SROOTx for Script Network perks
  • The ability to earn another golden bookmark through a raffle to guarantee earning through the content series
  • BearX airdrop for holders (SCPT/SPAY)
  • Further snapshots for other utility opportunities

Phase 1: Design, comics, content
Phase 1 is where we begin to bring to life the design and creative within BearX Labs and partners. Through our long term partnership with Diverge Labs, we have a world class gaming and art studio to help bring to live the BearX content slate, in a far more professional, higher level aspect to what we could have achieved alone. The first step is to design the bears, and below, you can see rough designs of those…

*just general mock v1 illustrations — not final designs

But beyond this, Diverge will help bring the BearX lore to life alongside the Wicked Bone Club (and other partners) stories — to build an deep run storyboard which can transcend into multiple comics, and then, of course content. Beyond design, Diverge will script write, render and package the slates across the entire storyboard. This will then be able to be distributed onto Script Network and aggregated partners, and explained below

Phase 2: Content, streaming, distribution (Golden bookmark)

The focus of this phase is simply where we begin to start distributing the first content series that we have brought to life through comics. Whether that be through our TV platform with hundreds of thousands of users, or our aggregated network to over 100 million devices. The aim here is to grow the brand at scale, to show what innovation can truly be reached through NFTs, and most importantly to provide an original utility that has never been seen before to holders who has respective assets (in this case a Golden Bookmark or a raffle winner). We intend this to act as a ‘pilot’ initially before rolling out the mini series, before kicking on and not only partnering with further platforms to have the content aired in mutiple regions globally, but for more content to be scripted and created further afield.

Where will this go? We aim to roll out entire channels just featuring original content that is created for our collections, which will be (literally) not only the first ever created, but the first to be distributed en masse. This is in the works

As an FYI to those who may have missed it, BearX Labs offers a unique opportunity that if you hold a Golden Bookmark or win a raffle, you earn real time rewards as the content is aired. The more users that watch = the more rewards you get — all from owning a jpg, who would have thought. You can read more about it in our previous articles — here:

Phase 3: Gaming, Full Token Utility, Future Collections

We feel the gaming space is a little bit messy right now, with almost every company (even those who are seen as the leaders in the space) struggling to find product market fit. In short, we dont think anyone really knows what users want to play. Due to this the changes are quite rapid and unstable, coupled with the fact that although it sounds good on paper, it doesn’t deliver actual real value (to holders eyes) long term. This however is still an essential part of our plans for a range of reasons.
1. We’ve always wanted to create a game or be part of a gaming experience

2. We feel that the gaming scene in web3 (once figured out) will be one of the best parts of the NFT space long term due to the ability to include so many factors, products and events

3. It goes in line with the token utility (which is why 1 of our 2 tokens exist in the first place), alongside the pathway to our future collection

Given these 3 important points are the reasons why we definitely will include this in our updated roadmap, we are honestly still in the ‘figuring it out’ phase of this. Execution does not come without risk and we are trying to find the best route in terms of doing this. The Sandbox scenario is ready, and the land as shown is owned and built on, but we still feel (to put it bluntly) due to the lack of activity (and interest) in ‘the metaverse’ and in public web3 games right now, its best to hold off and focus on the other aspect which matter. To confirm, this is an important phase, but one we do not have a solution or specific plan on when to launch it. The aim is once we complete phase 0,1,2 we will have a plan, and moreso the market would have matured within web3 gaming and engagemnt.

Our key focus now is now on working daily with Diverge Studio to bring together cool tournaments and challenges in phase 0 — before migrating over to the other plans above. We get the frustration. Its a bear market, volume, floor prices etc are down, and things promised has not been delivered. But speaking from a BearX perspective — the goal is to always look long term for value- least of all in airdrops received and opportunities on and off chain to win and earn more than the average project.

About BearX Labs

BearX Labs is a community-first NFT brand, focused on delivering innovation within the NFT space, alongside resources and experience from web2 into a web3, sustainable, scalable ecosystem. Products within the ecosystem include a limited 3700 Genesis Bear collection, a two-token economy, and a partnership that gives every holder the ability to own and run a node.








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