The Heart of BearX: Innovating Through Adversity

2 min readJun 5, 2024

Greetings, my esteemed BearX community. It is I, Justin, newly immersed in our project development endeavors alongside the team. Foremost, I wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all community members and team members, with special recognition for those stalwarts who have long been the pillars of BearX. A profound thank you also goes to everyone who has continuously placed their trust in and supported BearX.

Reflecting on recent times, it is undeniable that our journey with BearX has been fraught with challenges. During such tumultuous periods, numerous projects opted to halt operations, curtail budgets, minimize maintenance expenditures, and even exit the crypto market altogether. Yet, as you are aware, my team and I have remained steadfast, persistently seeking avenues forward.

At present, we wish to inform you that the development of BearVX and its affiliated game worlds will be suspended indefinitely. This decision stems from a pronounced lack of traction and interest within the VX gaming sphere, coupled with the absence of the anticipated infrastructural advancements over the past three years. It has become evident that most initiatives within the gaming sector tend to yield net negative returns in terms of development, barring those where gaming serves as the foundational purpose of the NFT. The market simply isn’t ready to have games at scale, although we hope this will change in the future.

Nevertheless, we intend to reassess the landscape quarterly to monitor any shifts in sentiment, infrastructure, and technological enhancements. Our primary focus will remain on the distinctive elements of our ecosystem, namely streaming, content creation, and NFT utility rewards. Further updates will be provided in future communications.

Initially, our focus was on the meticulous endeavor of researching and sustaining fundamental community activities, all while attentively heeding the voice of our community. Our relentless pursuit is to identify a groundbreaking advancement for BearX. We all acknowledge that only through significant breakthroughs can our bear den grow stronger and extend its reach even further.

Amidst a horizon brimming with potential, a beacon of optimism emerges in the form of an avant-garde initiative that we are thrilled to unveil to our community. Enter Blast

We propose the notion of BearX transitioning to Blast, envisioning a grand festival in the future as a testament to this alliance. We are eager to hear your thoughts on this potential migration. Engage with us in the voting polll on Discord to explore this exciting possibility further. Your insights are invaluable to BearX’s enduring journey toward sustainable development.

Once again, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering trust and consistent support. We are confident that with the team’s steadfast dedication and the community’s insightful understanding, we will ascend to greater.




In a post apocalyptic world, BearX have survived, regrouped, and readied themselves for domination in the metaverse. !chomp