Update: BearX Labs Restructure and more!

4 min readMar 6, 2024


Hey all,

It’s been a journey, and we are pleased to say that road is getting forever clearer and smoother as we grow into the next phase of BearX Labs. Today we will go over BearX restructure, and what this means for holders.

First off, a message from me, Bear Necessities. It’s been a long, difficult road to grow BearX to what i, and the initial team wanted. We’ve faced pretty much every single challenge possible, from hacks, to product fails to even the game we spent 6 months building, being completely decimated with news. Alongside this we went through arguably the worst bear market in history in crypto markets, doubled with an even worse crash in the NFT markets, driven by bid buying for rewards, and has turning most newcomers off all projects on ETH. Unfortunately, a lot of the above still is the case, but we adapt to the times, and with that, we are pleased to announce a restructuring plan to continue our plan to drive value and utility to our holders.

BearX Restructure — Team

It’s difficult for me to grow day to day BearX alongside building the utility infrastructure that Bears benefit from long term. I’m doing a disservice to you, the holders with this. So, as of Monday 11th March, I will no longer be Project Lead. With that a new Project Lead will come in, alongside a community lead and partnerships manager (more on this below). I will still be here, but more as an overseeing approach rather than hands on, and of course, what has been developed and promised thus far in terms of utility (golden bookmark, burn opportunity for running a node, revenue from BearX content) — all will still happen, infact, it will probably happen a lot faster now due to the changes made. As for the game, due to the treacherous nature of this part of the space (as shown with even Yuga pulling away from making a game recently), we will leave that in the trusting hands of the new team, as discussed below.

BearX Restructure — Marketing / Product

We will now have more of a short term focus of growing community, being more active in partnerships, AMAs, and campaigns both short and mid term. Many of this will be learnings from other projects, largely though, it’ll be experimental ideas that is focused on getting BearX back to where it was before.

Who is the new team, and what will they do?

Hearty congratulations and a resounding welcome to Justin, the new project lead joining the BearX family! 🐻

Boasting an extensive understanding of media communication, the intricacies of the NFT market, and an impressive track record in project management, Justin, fueled by an unyielding passion, is poised to build BearX alongside the new team. We’ve known each other for a year+ and he’s elite with his mindset short and long term in partnerships, growth and marketing.

Justin is on a mission to propel BearX to new, unprecedented heights, promising an indelible experience for the vibrant NFT community.

Joining Justin is Sapphire and Beak, who will be looking after growth, socials and partnerships.

What changes here at BearX and What will they be doing?

Everything that a great NFT project should be — partnerships, great comms, AMAs, sales driven campaigns and a focus on what we were here for in the first place — the art.

Justin, Sapohire and Beak will be slowly onboarding over the rest of March into the team, so expect new faces in the chat — do make them feel welcome!

What stays the same?

The long term utility will still remain the same, including Script Network ecosystem airdrops for holders of Bears, alongside the recent plan to depreciate the SROOTx asset, which on that note, is only available to swap for a few more weeks ⚡️ (please see previous medium post on this).

We are currently remaining on ETH, although discussions with our team is looking at other options for the existing, and future collections due to the unsustainable gas costs.

All in all this new structure is super bullish to holders, giving BearX a fresh lease of life, more AMAs, faster comms, faster product launches, more campaigns, and hopefully, a growing community like we had before.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for sticking around, it’s been difficult, but we are still here, bears will never fade, the utility is too strong, the tech is too great, and you all are too awesome for anything else but success to happen here.






In a post apocalyptic world, BearX have survived, regrouped, and readied themselves for domination in the metaverse. !chomp